Let’s not be shy about it – Men’s Sheds are about men’s health! In addition to all the things that men need to stay physically healthy (e.g., fitness, nutrition, access to medical care, etc.) no one talks very much about the mental and social well-being that form such a critical part of men’s overall health. Men’s Sheds are committed to them as they provide social connection, a way to contribute, something to do. They call it “health by stealth” - what happens when health benefits happen naturally without really trying.  Research has been conducted around the world about the impact of Men’s Sheds on the health and wellbeing of participants. Research completed by the University of Alberta in 2023 found that involvement in a Men’s Shed provides camaraderie, a sense of inclusion, and a sense of purpose which helped generate a clear improvement in mental and physical health among participants. The public report is available below:  
The Mental Health Benefits of Men's Sheds in Rural Alberta

An internet search will take you to many reports about the impact of a Men’s Shed on its participants. These are just a few of our favourites:

Men's sheds as an alternative healthcare route?
“Through participation in various practical and social activities in an inclusive environment, Shed users reported increases in their health seeking behaviours, improved perspectives on and management of their personal health, and an increased ability to overcome illness and recover.”

The Role of Community-Based men's Sheds in Health Promotion for Older Men
“We found evidence regarding benefits of shed participation on self-rated health, social isolation, and well-being. We identified three key characteristics of a successful Men’s Shed, including appropriate shed facilities, sufficient funding as well as a participant-driven management and organization of the shed.”

In Men's Sheds, Mental Health is the Project
“Growing movement could offer a practical, affordable way to boost mental health support for men in rural Alberta communities.”

The Shed Effect: Stories From Shedders in Scotland
“Visiting a men’s shed in full flow, listening to shedders’ speaking about their shed, and hearing about its place in their lives, you can’t fail to recognize the positive impact that sheds are having. There’s a “buzz” and a “vibe” about a shed, and you can see, and hear, that people feel good being there. The craic, banter, leg-pulling, laughter, camaraderie, and storytelling are all very much in evidence.”