Shoulder to Shoulder

Somewhere to go - Something to do - Someone to talk to.

A Men’s Shed (or Shed) is a community-based organization that provides a casual space for men to connect, socialize and work on projects together that can benefit their community.  In other words, men come together to tinker, tell stories and hang out for good fun and (often) good food!

The name “Men’s Shed” comes from the idea of a backyard shed where you can go to make and mend. Men’s Sheds are like that, only you’re there together with others where friendships are built, knowledge is shared, and connections are made. It can be a community hall, an old warehouse, someone’s garage, or a virtual online meeting. Wherever it is in your town, joining a Shed is easy, and they’re always happy to welcome new members — or as we like to call them, Shedders.